Led by Fresh Start Mediation’s founder, Kris Darmody, we offer a structured process for conflict coaching that empowers people to learn new skills, competencies and knowledge around conflict helping them to engage in and manage interpersonal conflict more effectively. 
Our conflict coaching framework is designed for one-on-one sessions focusing on the unique conflict management goals of each individual.

Trained in the globally recognised CINERGY ™ coaching model, we use this framework as the basis for our one-on-one coaching methodology. The Cinergy ™ model allows for a future-focussed and outcome-driven approach to each client’s conflict management goals. In addition to helping with specific conflict related goals, our coaching model also provides clients with insight, understanding and tools to analyse and effectively navigate a range of conflict situations.

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Benefits of conflict coaching

  • Focuses on self-awareness and self-determination as core principles to help people shift and navigate conflict in their lives
  • A collaborative and supportive journey working towards identified and achievable outcomes
  • A coach – client relationship built on trust, support and open exchange to help individuals gain insight into their own conflict behaviours and develop an open-minded perspective to facilitate change
  • Skills, insights and knowledge that can be applied to lived experience when engaging in difficult conversations
  • A goal-oriented approach to ensure progress and learning in the pursuit of pragmatic and workable outcomes

Conflict coaching can help

  • Confront issues that negatively impact company culture, employee morale, creativity and collaboration towards shared goals
  • Manage disputes in the workplace in the early stages of conflict to avoid mediation, arbitration and employee turnover
  • Increase productivity by reducing absenteeism and the spread of stress among employees driven by a toxic workplace environment
  • Enhance knowledge, skill sets and perspective needed to solve problems and grievances, employee-wide in an organisation
  • Decrease business and legal risks arising from conflict between employees, teams and management
  • Reframe the relationship with conflict in the workplace as an opportunity to listen, learn and be open to different perspectives

Conflict Coaching is a structured process that helps people develop or enhance skills, knowledge and competencies to engage in and manage conflict more effectively.

Benefits of conflict coaching in the workplace

Face-to-Face + Online Conflict Coaching

At Fresh Start we offer face-to-face or online conflict coaching.

Through a supportive one-on-one process, we help clients to develop the skills and capacity to deal with conflict. Our approach is client-focussed, acknowledging that each client brings unique goals and desired outcomes to coaching.

Online conflict coaching enables us to service clients Australia-wide and offers a practical and accessible alternative to in-person coaching. It can also be a convenient way to move through the process in a private, comfortable and familiar setting.

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Fresh Start services the whole of Australia, offering face to face and online coaching services