Equip the people and teams in your organisation with knowledge, insights and tools to identify, understand and proactively manage conflict in the workplace.

By developing an understanding of the causes and human responses to conflict, the range of conflict styles and the recognised stages of the conflict cycle, workshop participants learn to identify and reflect on their own behaviour in conflict and use the range of tools available to help them to manage conflict.

Our workshops are delivered face-to-face or online, and sessions can be tailored and developed to suit the specific needs of your workplace or industry.

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Workshop 1: Introduction to conflict management: Developing conflict competency

Conflict in the workplace is a necessary part of professional life. However, it’s often not the issues in dispute that cause difficulty in the workplace, but our response to conflict that leads to negative outcomes.

This one-day workshop is an introduction to conflict management designed to provide participants with the essential skills to become conflict competent. The workshop equips participants with knowledge and understanding of the causes, sources, and types of conflict, how conflict impacts us, and the range of responses people have to conflict. This workshop also provides participants with a thorough understanding and breakdown of each stage of the conflict cycle, enabling them to analyse and breakdown future conflicts in a neutral way that is pragmatic rather than emotive.

By becoming conflict literate, participants will be able to acknowledge, identify, analyse and respond to conflict in a way that is productive and solution-focussed. The skills gained and practised in the workshop are not only applicable to the workplace, but many other areas of life involving interactions with others.

Workshop 2: Skills and tools for resolution

Building on the learnings gained in Workshop One, this workshop focuses on the skills and tools used in conflict management. Participants will be provided with an introduction to and overview of a range of conflict management skills and resolution tools to assist in day-to-day conflict management and resolution in the workplace. Participants will learn to identify and reflect on their current conflict management styles and develop an understanding of a range of conflict management styles available to them that best suits the issues they face.

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