Claims about misconduct, inappropriate behaviour or fraud can cause serious challenges in the workplace and have severe consequences for those involved.

Investigating these types of claims requires a specialist skillset and impartial approach to ensure the findings are independent, factual and free of bias or other perceived interests. To conduct a thorough workplace investigation requires time and the ability to navigate complex and often highly emotional scenarios. Our open-minded approach is professional without being intimidating. We treat each person involved with dignity and fairness using a process that is transparent, confidential and discreet.

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Workplace Investigations can help resolve

  • Serious allegations of workplace misconduct, fraud or inappropriate behaviour
  • Issues of independence, transparency and fairness when addressing issues
  • Complex allegations in a timely and practical process utilising specialist skillsets
  • Next steps to action post-investigation aimed at repairing broken workplace relationships
  • Cost impacts to an organisation stemming from deepening crisis around allegations that remain unaddressed

Benefits of Workplace Investigations

  • Promptly explore and address allegations via a fair, experienced and independent party
  • Apply an open-minded and transparent process to the issues
  • Allocate the required time to thoroughly investigate complex allegations
  • Apply the specialist skills and experience needed to achieve factual outcomes
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance obligations are met

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance

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Fresh Start services the whole of Australia, offering face-to-face and online investigation options.