Workplace Mediation

When workplace disputes and conflict remain unresolved, the cost to an organisation can be financial via negative impact on productivity, as well as reputational, damaging the company’s brand.

Whether your dispute is with a co-director or co-owner of your business, or with external third parties, we can assist you and your business to resolve conflict in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Our mediation process will help you identify and isolate issues that are in dispute and assist you to work together to create a workable plan and future actions for moving forward.

Workplace mediation involves the mediator acting as an independent and impartial third-party responsible for guiding parties in dispute through a structured process that allows them to identify and explore issues between them. Communication is managed by the mediator, who will support and guide the parties to develop options and solutions to reach an agreement together. This process provides parties with an environment where they can shift from conflict, into a more positive and constructive form of communication.

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Benefits of workplace mediation

  • Allows parties to discuss the issues between them privately outside of the workplace setting
  • Ensures quick and effective response to issues, reducing impact on employees involved
  • Strengthens communication and understanding between parties
  • Improves collaboration through parties working together to resolve disputes
  • Reduces impact on wider organisational culture

Workplace mediation can help resolve

  • Performance issues
  • Conflict regarding leadership behaviours and work style differences
  • Claims of harassment and bullying
  • Issues with communication styles and communication breakdown
  • Conflict relating to approach to work, accountability and structure of roles and responsibilities
  • Interpersonal conflict

Mediation is a confidential process aimed at resolving conflict in the workplace quickly and effectively, with minimal impact to the people involved and the organisation as a whole.

Benefits of mediation vs court

Face to Face Mediation + Online Mediation

At Fresh Start Mediation we offer face to face mediation or online mediation.

We assist parties to resolve disputes in an environment that is informal, neutral and fair, so that agreements reached are durable and long-lasting, offering parties peace of mind to move forward into the future.

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Online mediation offers a practical and accessible alternative to face to face mediation for parties who do not reside in the same location or do not wish to be in the same room for their mediation.

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Getting started with an intake session

The mediation process begins with an intake session, which occurs on a separate day prior to the mediation.

The pre-mediation intake session is a separate and confidential meeting between the mediator and each individual party. It can happen over the phone, online or as an in-person meeting. Each party must go through the intake session individually before we can proceed to the mediation.

The purpose of this first step is for the mediator to understand the circumstances of your situation and dispute – what brought you to mediation, what you hope to achieve from mediation and anything else we may need to know about you and your situation that could impact the mediation. For example, whether you feel comfortable being in the same room as the other party, or whether you prefer online mediation. The more we know about your situation, the better placed we are to facilitate the mediation successfully.

The intake session also gives us a chance to go through each phase of the mediation process with you, ensuring you understand exactly what to expect on the day.

The intake session also gives the mediator the chance to assess whether your dispute is appropriate for mediation. Instances where mediation may not be an alternative to the courts would be in the case where there is a serious safety concern via an emotional, physical or psychological threat to one of the parties, or if one party flatly refuses to participate.

As a starting point, we encourage you to give us a call and have an obligation-free chat about mediation and how it may be suited to your situation.

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